Consider the white space
between words on a page, not just
the margins around them.

Or the space between thoughts:
instants when the mind is inventing
exactly what it thinks

and the mouth waits
to be filled with language.
Consider the space

between lovers after a quarrel,
the white sheet a cold metaphor
between them.

Now picture the brief space
before death enters, hat in hand:
vanishing years, filled with light.

Linda Pastan

10.01.14 /13:13/ 2042



…get on it, Criterion!

this is the view of david bowie’s home from my office. high school kayla is totally impressed 🙌 💫✨
09.29.14 /09:11
beautiful day in the neighborhood 🌇🌊💕
09.17.14 /18:04
beautiful day in the city ☀️🍂🍏
09.10.14 /13:35
sunny workspace 🌞 (at SoHo)
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Mark Rothko
08.28.14 /12:49/ 1353
~   Edward Fitzgerald, from a letter to W. F. Pollock, May 3, 1840 (via awelltraveledwoman)

In the Serpentine Passage looking through to the Altar Chamber in the Shell Grotto, Margate, Kent. The subterranean passageway was discovered in 1835, and is decorated in mosaics created entirely from seashells. The date of construction remains a mystery.
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Lauren Bacall
08.28.14 /12:47/ 1903
what @ghostjokes does at bars #tbt
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